April 24, 2014

Increase Traffic With the Triangle of Trust

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If you’ve never heard of the triangle of trust before, keep reading. It’s an easy way for you to get tons of traffic, top search positions, and more sales.

The phrase “triangle of trust” was first coined by the famous (and to some, infamous) Frank Kern.  For those that don’t know, Frank got in fairly early to the whole Internet thing, but thanks to the boneheaded actions of someone he had zero control over, got noticed by the FTC.

When I say “got noticed,” what I really mean is that they showed up at his door and basically demanded that he give them literally every single penny and valuable possession he had, or else they were going to arrest him for running a pyramid scheme.

Now most people would have given up. Instead, ol’ Frank went on to create websites in a bunch of niche markets. He didn’t spend much on them, and did nearly zero advertising, but ended up making even more than he was “pre-FTC nightmare.”

He currently makes about half of his total online income from teaching others how to do what he did, and seriously, some of his stuff is deep. He gets into buyer psychology in ways that no one else does. He’s also an all-around great guy, and I recommend that you check him out.

Anyway, all of that was a long way of saying that Frank Kern is wrong about the “triangle of trust.”

Now you may be wondering why I would pump the guy up in one breath just to call him wrong in the next. Well, there’s a reason. Let me explain.

Frank calls it the “triangle of trust” when you create a video (spot one on the triangle), post it to your blog (spot two), and then send an email to your list saying little more than “check out this video I just posted to the blog” (which is spot three).

The reason he calls that the “triangle of trust” is that, even to this day, most people who run real blogs don’t put sales messages of any kind on their blogs.  Further, people generally prefer video over written content. I don’t fall into that second category, but the overwhelming majority of the English-speaking population does. So, when you send a short email like that, telling people to watch a video on a blog, they do.

He uses that as a way of building up trust, readership in his email list, and getting people used to clicking on the links in email he sends out. It’s pretty darn smart, and it works like crazy.

He’s still wrong though.

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