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The Problem With Your Website

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I get emails and calls all the time from people asking me how they can get more traffic to their site. Often, in about five seconds of looking at their site and talking to them on the phone I come to one undeniable conclusion: the problem isn’t that they aren’t getting enough traffic. It’s something else — something that they might not want to hear.

I’d wager the same thing could be said of your site. Almost never do I see a fantastically designed site that has proper traffic and lead conversion steps in place that also doesn’t have enough traffic. Not only that, but spending time, money, and effort on driving traffic to a site that can’t convert that traffic into leads and sales is a waste.

Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about here.

Let’s say that, with your various advertising and traffic generation methods, you’re spending two thousand dollars a month, and for that you’re getting 20,000 visits to your site. I understand that means you’re spending only ten cents per visitor, and it’s usually more than that, but just stick with me for a second.

With that 20,000 visitors, 0.3% become a lead that goes into your sales funnel (or 60 new people per month become leads). Of those, you close 3% so in round numbers, let’s call that two sales per month.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but if you’re asking for more traffic, aren’t you really asking for more sales?  After all, if you can get 40,000 visitors to your site, that would be four sales per month, correct?

Here’s the problem with that thought process. If you’re spending two thousand dollars to get 20,000 visitors, then you could simply spend four thousand dollars to get twice as many visitors, for which you would wind up with twice as many sales.

But what if, instead of trying to get more traffic, you instead worked on converting the traffic you are already getting?

Instead of doubling the number of visitors, you should work on doubling how many people become  leads. This wouldn’t cost you a single extra penny, but would also get you twice as many leads and therefore twice as many sales. Or, if you worked on your sales conversion process, you could also get twice as many sales.

In fact, without question, the single biggest problem that I see with almost every single potential client is that their site is horrible at turning a visitor into a lead.

Important Questions To Ask

Instead of worrying about getting more traffic, I want you to focus on using the traffic that you do have to better effect. Let me explain how you do this.

1. Start by looking at your site.  Can someone, right from any page on your site, give their name and email address to request more information?

  • Can that information be sent to them by email?
  • Will that information help to demonstrate your expertise in your field?
  • Is the form for asking for the information quickly and easily visible?
  • Is the form attractive?

2. Does your site give a good reason why someone should use you over anyone else you may be competing against (other than price or location)?

  • Does your site help to demonstrate that you’re an expert in your industry?
  • Is this “demonstration of your expertise” easy to find?
  • Does this demonstration use multiple different media types (text, video, graphics, data visualizations, and even cartoons)?

3. Are you split testing your lead capture form? This includes all aspects of your form: headline, graphics, “body copy,” colors, and its location on your site.

4. Are you split testing your lead to sale conversion process?

I can’t even tell you how often it is that I work with a client and do little else but help them improve their site’s ability to get leads, then improve their ability to convert those leads into customers; and suddenly, those clients are experiencing the greatest months in their history.

This really is the low-hanging fruit. Let me show you why.

Almost always, within a very short period of time, by improving their lead capture and conversion processes, people are getting 200%+ improvements to both the percentage of traffic turned into a lead and the percentage of leads turning into a customer.  Let me show you how the math works now.

20,000 visitors with a .9% lead capture rate = 180 leads

180 leads with a 9% lead conversion rate = 16 customers per month

In other words, without spending a single extra cent, two customers per month just turned into 16, an 800 percent improvement — and let me be clear about this: I see improvements like this with every single customer I work with.

If your site/business was barely scraping up a profit by spending two thousand dollars a month to get just two sales, how much more successful would you be if you started getting 16 sales?

Now, I don’t want you to think that I’m somehow filled with magical conversion powers. It boils down to a fairly simple set of steps.

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