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Yahoo’s Director of Search Video Interview

Posted on 23. Mar, 2012 by in SEMPO

Screen shot 2012-03-22 at 10.11.09 PMYahoo! brings you tools and helps you be successful at SEO within your company, but what makes them leading experts?

Inside Yahoo!, they know best practices on time allocation, SEO strategy and team collaboration. 

From new tools to inside tips on creating top-level SEO, David Roth, Sr. Director, Search Marketing at Yahoo!, Inc., shares what you should be looking at in 2012.


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1. Ranking or Revenue? What Yahoo! is focusing on in 2012

  • It isn’t so much about rankings anymore—time to chase traffic and drive revenue
  • Focus on developing out data feed resources
  • Adding revenue information to the data stream will allow users to better analyze the value of their traffic (ie. paid vs organic traffic)
  • Start focusing on developing information around revenue and traffic, versus rankings


2. Starting at a new company? Get them on your side

  • Interview every stakeholder to learn their pinpoints and what they find important
  • Compose your information into results for the VP in terms of risk and results
  • Know how to build teams (If you are going to build teams), and understand the challenges involved
  • It is your job to make good decisions about in-house vs outsource, centralize vs decentralize, build out vs buy


3. How to qualify and prioritize changes

  • Choose which method works for you: Bottom-up or top-down
  • Bottom up: Build models and show opportunity reports to show revenue
  • What are your easy things to fix based on priority?
  • Successful SEO has to deal with getting things done. So focus on the quick things to get done rather than spending a year working on one project


4. Best approach to SEO audits

  • You want to make sure things will get done, not just sit there
  • Don’t just dive right in—Develop the right relationships before ever doing the audit
  • Have executive buy-in before doing a site audit
  • Don’t just take a site audit to IT and tell them everything is wrong
  • Get on IT’s good side. Teach them about SEO and get them to understand why you want to do an audit
  • Get great auditing tools that give recommendations down to the tag level


5.  Allocate time to create success

  • A lot of in-house SEOs at Yahoo! are sitting in the project room during design requirement and product building. That is where Yahoo! has seen the most success lately.


6. Find your training style

  • Different people within the organization need to be trained differently
  • What model works depends on the organization
  • Decide how much you want teach people to fish vs. fish for them
  • Make sure everyone who touches SEO is trained to some extent
  • Training needs to come from the top to be successful


7. What executives need to know: Show them the money

  • The most important thing is to get buy-in at the top.
  • Lay the groundwork within the company, don’t just dive into SEO
  • Why would they need to do SEO?
  • Speak to executives in a different language
  • Show them the money. Let them see how much they won’t be making by not doing SEO


Watch the interview now


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